Risk Management


The Claims Associates, Inc. staff is committed to protecting the SRRP members through the prompt, fair resolution of legitimate claims and the vigorous defense of those that are without merit.

Claims Associates, Inc. staff is expected to adhere to five basic principles in the handling of claims made against SRRP members:  Prompt, personal contact will be made with both the member and the claimant when a claim is reported.  Prompt response to correspondence, phone calls and supervisory direction is expected.  File documentation must be maintained at a level that will allow any outside party reviewing the file to readily determine the current status, what actions have been taken and what actions are intended.  Courteous treatment and professional attitude in all communication with any party involved in a claim is expected.  Close communication with the Member is essential at all stages of the claim process.


Loss control is a risk management technique that seeks to reduce the possibility that a loss will occur and/or reduce the severity of those that do occur.  Partnering with SRRP to prevent injuries and property damage not only prevents loss and unnecessary expense, but aligns with the pledge you make to your employees, students, and community to provide a safe environment.  The safety and loss control programs offered by SRRP are designed with this purpose.

Gallagher Bassett Services, Inc. and their Risk Control Consulting Services (RCCS) group have helped members develop and maintain successful safety and risk control programs. Their mission is to provide you with timely delivery of quality consulting services that result in a tailored program that aggressively manages employee, student and public safety, improves operational efficiency, and most importantly, affords you the opportunity to focus on your first priority – your schools.

"As a new Business Manager, I appreciate the ease of filing a claim and the friendly and helpful staff that have helped me learn the ropes.  They are great to work with."

Stuart Larson, Business Manager at Niobrara County School District #1