School Risk Retention Program

SRRP is a joint powers board comprised of its member school districts.



SRRP is a joint powers board comprised of its member school districts.  The SRRP Property and Casualty Insurance Program began in 2003 as a solution to the hardships of increasing premiums and narrowing coverages that were plaguing public school districts in Wyoming.  Today we have 29 members that have joined forces to enjoy the strength and benefits of this risk sharing program.

The SRRP Property and Casualty Insurance Program has a structure that is often referred to as a protected self-insurance program.  This means that SRRP collects contributions from its members to pay for: 1. self-insured expected losses (as determined by an actuary); 2. insurance/reinsurance premiums to protect against unpredictable loss frequency and severity; and 3. modest program administration costs.  In years where the loss experience for the members is favorable – those “profits” remain the property of the program and may be used to offset future member contributions.


Self-determined missions and goals. SRRP is wholly owned by its members and governed by its Board of Directors so all issues related to managing risk, minimizing the long term cost of insurance, and providing quality loss control and claims adjusting services are analyzed, debated, and directed by the group.

Stability of pricing.  Premiums charged by insurers/reinsurers that participate above the frequency layer are less volatile.

Lower total cost of risk. This is accomplished by way of - expense savings; retention of earnings on the unused portion of member contributions; improved loss experience as the result of specialized loss control and loss awareness; and improved claims administration.

Broader scope of coverage.  In lieu of using standardized insurance forms – SRRP works with its attorney to manuscript specialized coverages that are deemed necessary by SRRP’s Board of Directors to address the unique needs of Wyoming public school districts.

Custom designed loss control. In a traditional insurance program the insurance company will direct generalized loss control activities and often impose costly loss control mandates.  SRRP analyzes the loss experience of its members and implements loss control programs that are tailored to their needs.

Claims administration.  Unlike traditional insurance, SRRP chooses a vendor to provide claims adjusting services and directs the claims handling activities - including choice of counsel and settlement guidance.

"The SRRP pool is unique to school districts by allowing the members (board) to create a product that meets the members' needs for coverage that may not be covered under the other providers. The risk management is extremely helpful to districts in keeping the buildings safe and Claims Associates are quick, professional, and helpful in processing claims."

Tammara Price, Business Manager at Converse County School District #2